handyman jobs in traverse city, mi

Best Jobs Suited For A Handyman

When looking at the best jobs suited for a handyman, you will quickly discover that there is no job too big or too small for a person that has the right skills.  For many handyman jobs in traverse city, mi, you are only going to be limited by tools and time. 

General repairs

The first set of jobs for a handyman will be general repairs.  This can be anything from fixing a leaky pipe to installing a door.  General repairs are typically the most common tasked called upon for handymen to do and as such, most people with these general skills can accomplish them.

General upkeep

handyman jobs in traverse city, mi

More often than not you will come across a handyman in an apartment building or in a complex.  This person is usually hired as an onsite resident that is responsible for the repairs and upkeep of the property.  This is why a handyman will have a lot of skills that vary. 

When looking at a handyman they can paint, fix electrical issues, do carpentry, are good gardeners and landscapers and more.  If you are looking to get into the handyman field, just start focusing on general upkeep tasks to build your skills.


The tools a handyman will use can be found in your general hardware store.  They will use hammers, drills, screwdrivers, paint brushes and more.  What sets a handyman apart from any other person is that they will think on their feet.  They will look at a problem and come up with new and innovative ways to do a repair. 

When doing repairs, they may use a rubber hose, or they may use a strip of electrical tape.  Most handymen will look at what is available, come up with a creative solution that seems to work.  This is why they are good to have around and can be a great asset to your business.