Legal Help, On Call, On Demand

Currently when the unforeseen and unexpected can occur, one never knows when a legal matter will arise, resulting in the need to have proper representation. Or in instances when a document or contract needs to be written up, it helps to have a legal mind to draft one up to be sure everything is by the book.

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be a time-consuming affair. Another area where it’s handy to have a lawyer on the spot is when a law firm needs the assistance of an attorney to handle other duties that aren’t really needed on a regular basis but does prove useful when required.

per diem lawyer. NYC

Never Be Undermanned

Particularly in big cities, where all sorts of business are conducted and where rules and regulations are often agreed and debated and argued in court rooms, lawyers are needed at every level. But while most firms have their own staff of attorneys handling cases and meeting with clients, they also need to do the other work that cannot be relegated to paralegals.

One option that many go with to handle specific, discrete, legal matters is a per diem lawyer. NYC as well as other locales has many such attorneys.

At Your Legal Service

Per diem lawyers have the experience and the knowledge from their time handling cases both in state and federal courts. Whether it’s a civil or criminal, these attorneys can handle a motion, a court hearing, an adjournment filing, an examination before trial, and can even lend their expertise with appeals, conferences, depositions, and physical examinations.

Fast and Easy

With a simple phone call or fax, detailing the information about the case and where and when an attorney is need, no law firm will have to feel undermanned at any moment. An extra hand for the day can really help.